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Friday, June 15, 2007

The ever passing moment

I've always been a big reader, at times fluctuating from 1 book on the go with 2 in the back to 3 books on the go with one in the background. Lately Suzy read the 1st volume "Fellowship of the Ring" while I read both Salt (political/religious filters) and Stone (genocide with a twist) by Adam Roberts. I love the ideas behind his works, he brings such fascinating stories to life! I'm also trying to get through American Theocracy again. (everytime I do, something else seems to leap up and grab my attention) Currently the author is talking about the downfall of the UK's coal fueled industrial power at the beginning of the 1900's and what the US did to supplant them as leaders of oil.

Haven't been to too many movies but did see both Oceans 13 (which yes was fun and still had that feeling of being ultra-cool) and the hilarious Knocked Up. The audience LOVED that one and reacted almost as much at times as it did for Borat. (Though for different reasons.. still Kristin I think you will love the stoner chick)

Putting those two topics together, they are going to be filming The Time Travellers Wife soon! I loved the book and those who have gotten through it have too. (it looks rather large but what a story)



  • At 15 June, 2007 14:52, Blogger k a r e n said…

    What?! Are they really thinking of doing a movie on The Time Traveller's Wife?!

    OMG! I loooovveee that book (of course it was you who suggested that I read it and for that I will eternally be grateful..LOL).

    I really hope they do make it into a movie!!

  • At 17 June, 2007 23:59, Blogger SJ said…

    Hey long time...

    Well someone who reads a lot like me no wonder our initials are the same :)

    I am now reading Doctor Criminale which my bro picked up from a library . I han't hear dof it before but so far it's been a good read.


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