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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spheres of influence

That influence you:

1. Yourself: a. your thoughts b. your past
2. Others: a. words b. actions
3. Environment: a. stereotypes
4. Big Brother (eg. work, religion, groups)

There must be more categories and breakdowns, or is this essentially it?


  • At 29 April, 2007 00:34, Blogger kristin said…

    somehow these sound familiar...

  • At 29 April, 2007 02:05, Anonymous Sj said…

    well, they should. There is more to this post than just the list of those 4 but I thought I would start there and see if someone else has any idea before my next (hopefully soon) post.

  • At 29 April, 2007 12:41, Blogger SJ said…

    Parents, illnesses, disabilities, school, good luck, bad luck...

  • At 29 April, 2007 23:27, Blogger kristin said…

    if we're talking sub-headings, then I think your A's and B's leave much to be desired. an argument could be made that all of sj's (the other sj) suggestions all fit into your 4.

  • At 01 May, 2007 11:07, Blogger Suzy said…

    there is always a number of ways to break down things, the essential is that a certain group of people agree on a specific way. What matters is that the main categories includes it all.

  • At 07 July, 2007 16:43, Blogger diogo said…

    I would add "Timing". Possible interpreted as Luck or Fate. Ease or difficultly in which things happen to you. Will affect your demeanor or risk taking attitude.

    Based on passed experiences, but yet an abstract concept that no logic can equate.


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