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Friday, January 26, 2007

Cars and roads

So, how is it here?

Some things here in Kinshasa are different for sure. The cars are not just a bit rundown, not in the same way that they are old etc in Cuba. Here one cannot even believe that they are running with people inside! It's not just ducktaped... it's the whole thing. Dan said it best: Il a dit "the cars here look like paper that has been crumpled into a ball, then stretched back out. Every surface of some of them looks reformed."

Taxi buses in Capetown were not always in the best condition, some were downright scary too. Here they are vans held together at times by rope, where the people stick out of windows and doors as they try and hold as many people as possible. All this while the sides of the streets are clogged with others twirling their fingers (going towards the big round-about), or pointing left or right (downtown). Some roads are well paved, others are dirt with enough pressed down bottle caps, plastic and debris it forms a sort of paved road though the bumpiest ones imaginable!

Please don't get the wrong idea, I love it here... it is very different and the fact that these people can keep these things going is amazing to us. It's the details in every corner (not hidden under every, but sticking out from) that intrigue me and keep me looking, thinking, writing. I love this place.

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  • At 07 February, 2007 16:36, Blogger Marieseda said…

    Pictures!! Pictures!! Pictures!!

    Remember that we want to see everything when you return, so please ensure you take pictures of absolutely everything.


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