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Saturday, January 20, 2007

20 Janvier - actions/thoughts

We took a few tours the last couple of days... one that Suzy and I had gone on before with her mom and our best bud Pascale. The new tour guide was amazingly informative and we really appreciated her. The next one was a tour all around the surrounding area where Dan and MS went to a township tour. To know what that was like keep checking her blog or talk to Dan about it.. My mother and I didn't feel it and so went to this huge garden area.

The whole 2010 FIFA World Cup thing here is angering a LOT of people. The corruption in FIFA and the local government... basically equals no help to the country here really and no loss of profit for FIFA. Nice deal they made but not nice for how they were promoting this decision. I have more to say but will have to go over it in person. At times there is too much to say online and some of it is for sure, slanted. Still, the only ones happy right now seem to be the businesses winning the inflated contracts to build. Inflated because the government is running out of time to build so they can charge whatever they want to help the GOP save face...

oh yeah, and the fact that the local (huge soccer fans I mean) population will not be able to afford to go to the games at all... sorta dampers it all too

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  • At 21 January, 2007 16:05, Blogger Krupo said…

    I'd never considered the idea that the locals wouldn't attend the tournament for $$$ reasons - that does indeed suck :(


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