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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Filters encore

Janice Gross Stein (Director of the Munk Centre for International Studies) was quoted in Montreal's The Gazette with:

People are saying this election was stolen; why bury young Canadian soldiers for this government?
Now, she was speaking about the recent Afghan elections, but what struck me was how easily it could have been applied to the Bush regime.

Too bad we didn't think that way back then!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

What I don't understand...

Lately my wife and I rented a car for a wedding we were invited to in Montréal. Probably due to the high price of gas, it is now unusual to find a compact or economy car for a weekend rental almost anywhere. What gets me is that they have no problem BOOKING you one, and then telling you that you have a RESERVATION for one. Then, (and this has happened the last 3 times we tried to rent) they tell you when you arrive that they don't have any left.

What is funny is that though the habits of customers have changed the words spoken by the car reps haven't.

"Sorry sir we don't have any more of that size. All we have are pickups, SUVs and Luxury Cars.. SO!!! you get a free upgrade!!!!!!!"

It doesn't feel that great anymore considering how much gas they suck back.

I would love it if they somehow updated their system. If only they could invite these devices that could communicate the amount of cars available vs. the amount rented or booked. If only someone could come up with a network to allow that huge amount of data transfer.

I understand that you can't control when someone returns a vehicle..but after this many times and after the conversations I have had with the reps. The non-returners are not the issue.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Months later...

I thought about starting fresh. Simply hit the delete button and move on but it doesn't feel that easy!

My first year of University at Concordia is over. I have been forced to take 5 years which is one more than the standard 4 for Mechanical Engineering. This was due to my having been out of school for several years. It made sense though cause really I needed a review of Physics and Calculus, etc.

I'm hoping to keep this blog more active now!

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Friday, November 02, 2007

My integrity

Real integrity should require the same virtures commanding all aspects of our lives. For example, in our work and personal lives they should be the same.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More filter filler...

To improve our filter, the best thing we can strive for is to decompose our common misconceptions about generalities. We also then can identify how individuals (whom we know personally, meaning close acquaintances or friends) fit within those generalities. (To see them specifically among our new definitions)

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My 1st day

So today begins what? A new life? No.. not so much.. but the start of something new for sure! I had my 1st day of classes at Concordia University this morning. Chemistry 205 in the mornin and Physics 204 right afterwards. (And an ethics course tonight) It has been a little exciting, though todays courses were just short of being a write-off.

Montreal has also been fun so far. Suzy and I have been feeling like we've been on vacation since we arrived. I guess today is the 1st "real" moment, the 2nd will be when she starts work next week.

I haven't felt myself missing people yet but maybe that is cause I still feel on vacation. This is the first big move for me (as the Steve I am today) so I am awaiting what will, or what might hit.

And yeah, Toronto feels different than Montreal. Montreal so far has felt like Cape Town! Try and process that one.. but Suzy, Mamy and I have all felt it.. Vive South Africa I guess...

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We didn't even "almost die"

T and I did the Becel Ride for Heart a few weeks back. We did the 50Km ride from Exhibition Place, along the Gardiner, up the DVP to York Mills and then back. It was a fun thing to do, nice challenge and the weather and crowd was amazing (and packed - 12000 people went out!)


Friday, June 15, 2007

The ever passing moment

I've always been a big reader, at times fluctuating from 1 book on the go with 2 in the back to 3 books on the go with one in the background. Lately Suzy read the 1st volume "Fellowship of the Ring" while I read both Salt (political/religious filters) and Stone (genocide with a twist) by Adam Roberts. I love the ideas behind his works, he brings such fascinating stories to life! I'm also trying to get through American Theocracy again. (everytime I do, something else seems to leap up and grab my attention) Currently the author is talking about the downfall of the UK's coal fueled industrial power at the beginning of the 1900's and what the US did to supplant them as leaders of oil.

Haven't been to too many movies but did see both Oceans 13 (which yes was fun and still had that feeling of being ultra-cool) and the hilarious Knocked Up. The audience LOVED that one and reacted almost as much at times as it did for Borat. (Though for different reasons.. still Kristin I think you will love the stoner chick)

Putting those two topics together, they are going to be filming The Time Travellers Wife soon! I loved the book and those who have gotten through it have too. (it looks rather large but what a story)


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spheres of influence

That influence you:

1. Yourself: a. your thoughts b. your past
2. Others: a. words b. actions
3. Environment: a. stereotypes
4. Big Brother (eg. work, religion, groups)

There must be more categories and breakdowns, or is this essentially it?

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Downtown Kinshasa... what do I remember from this pic? Well, vodacom will probably always remind me of Cape Town where I first encountered this phone card company. Celtel (red sign) of course has to remind me of visiting Suzy's bud Tanya at work. We were dropped off by the driver Theo near our mom's work and walked past the French embassy parking to the Celtel store. (Blessedly air conditioned I might add)

I also remember my surprise that the red, octagonal signs are actually in English. They read STOP in a french country...

The last thing I dearly remember here is when Mamy and us would go to the grocery store Dan and I would talk about the building you can just make out starting to go up on the upper right corner. For some reason those concrete slats hanging below the windows reminded us of some sort of shielding from some futuristic anime or something. It looked vaguely military-like..

Ah Kin...

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