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Friday, November 02, 2007

My integrity

Real integrity should require the same virtures commanding all aspects of our lives. For example, in our work and personal lives they should be the same.



  • At 15 November, 2007 13:22, Blogger ChandrĂ© said…


    this isnt' easy and for various people it takes quicker or longer to live that way, however at the christian dance class I belong to we learn about this

    What is worship? Worship is everything we do and how we do it, it's the way you iron your husbands shirt or serve a cup of coffee, the way you would do it for Jesus. Its being the same off stage as you are on stage.

    Also another word I've learnt for this is Lordship. Making God Lord in all areas, and not just making him a sunday God.

    Been struggling in this area when it comes to things I dont like to do. Trying not to be too specific on a public space, however I haev found the more I submit, yield and humble my heart to Gods Lordship, the easier it is to live the life...

    Another cool quote i learnt and use it's not how much you know but how much you live of what you know...

    therefore if i speak about love that needs to be evident in every area, and everything I said above and what you said on your post...

    Not easy! But ja, all part about being the person we are created to be and a light to others because our actions and lives and wherever we go matches up with what we say

    And if its nto in all areas of our life then really how can what we say be that important if we not even living it?

    Well not easy again ( I repeat this cause clearly I'm struggling in an area with this) but my answer to others who question is I havent given up on myself, you
    may give up on me but I havent given up and will keep trying... with Gods help...

    Anyway yep, will give u an update sometime on how its going in that area with me

  • At 07 December, 2007 18:45, Blogger diogo said…

    We can not always control our thoughts, what temps us, what we believe in or the filters that influence our view points. But we can control our actions. Before we act, we should think.

    Actions are what defines us. Actions define who we are.
    The proof is in the pudding, not the instructions.


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