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Friday, March 16, 2007

Move forward or back

Equilibrium of collinear forces

If the resultant of forces acting on a body (in the same plane, and in a straight line) are zero the body will not move or will continue to move at the same speed. In other words, if moving already on a project, any additional force upon you will cause deceleration of your momentum. It is hard at times though to know how much force you need to exert on an issue. (whether of thought or action) I guess one has to break out of simply reacting to things as they happen or only to stop them once they happen. If already moving you will continue to move but will only notice a slowdown once it is huge. When hit you don't strike back with an equal force but a greater force. Just like when you start some work - you must imply greater force to start than you need to continue. (sorta like breakaway torque)

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