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Friday, January 26, 2007

The plane ride into Kinshasa

Je suis in the country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo now. We arrived into the Kinshasa airport just before lunch time on Monday of this week. (Updates were so long coming cause we could not find a working café)

I must admit I was expecting much more Kinois on the plane... instead the plane was mostly Mundele (spelling unsure - Lingala for white) and Koreans. That was a suprise but most of those I talked to here said its normal and expected too.

One other litte thing...the pilot from SAA made a comment that sounded well... a bit defensive upon landing. The landing was NOT smooth and he said something to the effect of "well, we are obviously in Kinshasa now folks..."

Once I was off the airplane I wanted to take a photo of Dan coming out the rear of the plane... good thing I didnt. Though the war is over, photos are still not allowed in certain areas. The Koreans with us DID take photos and right away military and civillian personnel were all over them. Whew for us.

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  • At 28 January, 2007 21:45, Blogger SJ said…

    Wow you are visiting all the places I have dreamed of going to!

    I found the pilot's comment very funny:)


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