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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sad week

We return most likely this week... what a position to be in. So far, unless something changes, this is approximately what we did:

Toronto - Frankfurt, Germany (stayed for 8 hours exploring)
Frankfurt - Cape Town, South Africa (stayed for about 15 days or so)
Cape Town - Jo'burg, South Africa (stayed overnight)
Jo'burg - Kinshasa, RDCongo (stayed for about 2 weeks)
Kin - Lubumbashi(do I have the spelling right now?), RDCongo (for just 1 day)
Lub - Chingola, Zambia (stayed overnight)
Chingola - Ndola, Zambia (for about 5 days)
Ndola - Lub, RDC (stayed for 2 days)
Lub - Kinshasa, RDC (stayed for 1 week)
Kin - Cape Town, SAfrica (staying for 3 days)
Cape Town - Toronto (fin)

boo hoo maintenant

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  • At 19 February, 2007 20:49, Blogger kristin said…

    oh thank god you're coming back.

    i cannot tell you how awful it's been without you guys. well not awful, but it's just like... not the same. people who 'get you' are so rare that when you lose 3 of them even temporarily... it's been really hard.

    so i'll see you soon.


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