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Friday, January 26, 2007

What is important

The thing that I was told would strike me the most... is the thing that hits me the most here. I was told by those who had left Kinshasa that, given who I was it's the people here who would stay in my heart when I left more than any other difference or event.
This isn't a huge tourist event country.. (there is a ministry of tourism and we even saw the building but everyone just sorta laughs about that) but the things we see just walking down the streets or inside bars, pool halls (and tonight clubs) strike. The way people talk to us about the conditions, politics, philosophy, life here and elsewhere... the moaning about Isreal's involvement in Lebenon and how much of an impact that had to what is going on there right now, joking, playing, learning... well I can keep adding those type of words but never truly explain to you that there is a life here we have felt that is quite different. I wonder truly more now what will hit me when I return.

It's hard to tell certain stories without seeing the audience who is reading it. Most will have to remain until I return and talk in person... but to remind me:

  1. SAA v. the Koreans
  2. The military at the airport and customs officer. "Not even a coke?"
  3. "HE doesn't have a ring!" avec "Dan! Yakka!" (Jay you're gonna love that one)
  4. La communion

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  • At 31 January, 2007 10:03, Blogger diogo said…

    Yo Sj, not to contaminate your blog with a personal message, but wanted to say, "Hey, glad to know you guys are enjoying the trip.
    I'm sure you'll have tones of stories. Give my love to Mrs. Sj.

    Place ain't the same without you guys.


    Debbie, says, “Hi and your plant didn’t make it


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