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Friday, November 03, 2006


With an ever increasing amount of unknowns we sure place a lot of certainty on our own unshakable opinion.


  • At 03 November, 2006 11:25, Blogger Marieseda said…

    I totally agree!

    Not to go off topic (because I know how you feel about that), but whatever happen to Kitetela?

  • At 03 November, 2006 11:31, Blogger Sj said…

    Served no purpose anymore when I found out that Otetela was also the name and there were resources online.. lol. At least I had the right motivation I guess.. ;)

  • At 08 November, 2006 00:58, Blogger diogo said…

    That is a quote I would reference.
    That’s bloody awesome.

    But if I may play devils advocate for a moment. If you’re called on to make a decision, how often do we truly have all the straight facts? What else to do have in the end but our gut. That said, ever try and have people follow you it you show confusion and uncertainty. Allowing yourself the volnerability to be wrong is a brave thing. Unfortunately not a trait that many respect and even more will come down on you for it.
    You may be wrong, but others have to prove that too.

    Again, that statement is brilliant.


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