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Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's hard to keep in mind (better phrase than just the word 'remember') that everyone else in the world still has to subjectively, objectify the what and way of the words you speak. Even when you are being objective.

It's harder still to keep in mind that to each person they aren't just the centre of their universe but the very centre of it's being. And that they can be the central focus of it's cause and can be the central focus of the resulting effects. (At times - even when not directed at them) People hold various truths that they just don't end up telling you about.

You can only find out through...other people.


  • At 23 November, 2006 13:43, Anonymous latka said…

    or by looking in the mirror

  • At 23 November, 2006 14:50, Blogger Sj said…

    I don't know. Wouldn't looking in the mirror merely serve to slow you down if you didn't take time to ... reflect?

    It's funny cause to really reflect means to cause something to send forth from yourself and learning about what bounces back. So yes you are right, given the way we all perceive things, to truly be able to notice your "reflection" would help a great deal.

    Nice point latka.

  • At 23 November, 2006 14:57, Blogger Kristin said…

    how often do we find ourselves realizing that another person, seemingly disagreeing with you actually has a very similar outlook but different language to reflect it, and different nuances that you yourself never caught before?

    happens to me a lot, especially lately with all these blogs and comments. and all the beer soaked intellectual discussions at gabby's with my classmates.

    surprising to learn that actually it's about other people.


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