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Monday, November 27, 2006

Filter abuse continued.. sort of

Filter - what helps you define what things mean as they enter your own mental sphere.

What I refer to as "The Game" is the taking of the process of thought which helps you determine what is meant by certain actions or words of others, and deciding that since that is how "everyone" sees it, that is how it should/must/will always be. Or, the taking of that idea/process and doing things knowing that they can only be interpreted according to that idea.


  • At 28 November, 2006 00:22, Blogger diogo said…

    What’s scary is that in many cases you don't have the time or even the relationship with some people to request clarification. These filters may be the only thing we have to go on, and we form opinions of people who said them.

  • At 01 December, 2006 14:49, Blogger Suzy said…

    Sometimes you might have the time and the relationship but the you still cant put it across. Sometimes there is practically no way around it!

  • At 02 December, 2006 01:27, Blogger diogo said…

    Very True!!!
    It would be so much easier if everyone saw it my way.


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