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Monday, June 23, 2008

What I don't understand...

Lately my wife and I rented a car for a wedding we were invited to in Montréal. Probably due to the high price of gas, it is now unusual to find a compact or economy car for a weekend rental almost anywhere. What gets me is that they have no problem BOOKING you one, and then telling you that you have a RESERVATION for one. Then, (and this has happened the last 3 times we tried to rent) they tell you when you arrive that they don't have any left.

What is funny is that though the habits of customers have changed the words spoken by the car reps haven't.

"Sorry sir we don't have any more of that size. All we have are pickups, SUVs and Luxury Cars.. SO!!! you get a free upgrade!!!!!!!"

It doesn't feel that great anymore considering how much gas they suck back.

I would love it if they somehow updated their system. If only they could invite these devices that could communicate the amount of cars available vs. the amount rented or booked. If only someone could come up with a network to allow that huge amount of data transfer.

I understand that you can't control when someone returns a vehicle..but after this many times and after the conversations I have had with the reps. The non-returners are not the issue.

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